Wet Strength Agent LSW- 50


LSW-50 is new type wet strength agent of PPE (Polyamide Polyamine-Epichlorhydrin), it can be adsorbed on fibre in pulp, it can raise paper wet strength by forming thermo-setting resin and permanently fixed in fibre, after it reacts to fibre in dryer section.


LSW-50 can obviously raise paper wet and dry strength by forming net structure. At the same time, it can improve drainage in wire part through improvement of fibre flocculation. Also LSW-50 is accelerant for sizing agent, and can still improve rate of paper flex.


Item Index
Appearance light yellow transparent liquid
Solid content % 12.5±0.5
Ionic properties cationic
Viscosity 25-75 cps (25℃)
pH 4-7

Usage method:

LSW-50 can be intermittently added in mixing chest, also can be continuously added in stuff box. Dosage is generally 5kg-35kg of 1 ton paper. Application consistence is 1%-5% (depend on paper machine speed).


The wet strength agent is water-soluble a-cationic thermo-setting resin. It is non –toxic, odourless and not one of polymer of formaldehyde. It is suitable to make paper under neutural and slightly alkalic as well as acidic condition. Moreover, it is much better than urea resin and melamin resin in the efficacy of application of the wet strength agent. Nowadays, it has been widely used in making dry and cleaning paper (banquet napkin, wet napkin, facial tissue, mirror cleaning paper, facial tissue; outdoor paper (kraft paper, wrapping paper, paster paper, project paper, altas paper, bag paper, seeding paper, fruit paper), packing material (paper cup, meat and fruit wrapping paper, tea paper);paper in wet material (autocopy paper, photo base paper, one –off paper for hospital, napkin for baby) and other special used paper(tobacco paper, banknote paper, invoice paper, archival paper).

Package :

Packed in plastic drums with capacity of 200 Kg or 1000Kg.


This product should be stored in a dry warehouse, protected from frost and direct sunlight. Storage temperature should be 5- 30℃.

Shelf life: 6 months

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