Coating Lubricant LSC-500

Product Description:

LSC-500 Coating Lubricant is a kind of calcium stearate emulsion, it can be applied in various kinds of coating system as lubricate wet coating to reduce the friction force originated from mutual moving of components. By using it can promote liquidity of coating, improve coating operation, increase the quality of coated paper, eliminate the fines removal arised when coated paper operated by super calender,moreover,also reduce the disadvantages ,such as chap or skin arised when coated paper folded.


  1. Improve the smoothness and lustrousness of coating layer.
  2. Improve liquidity and homogeneity of coating.
  3. Improve printability of coating paper.
  4. Prevent fines removal、chap and skin from happening.
  5. The addition of adhesion agent can be reduced.
  6. It has a very good compatibility when interacting with various additive agents in coating.


Item Index
Appearance white emulsion
solid content, % 48-52
viscosity,CPS 30-300
pH value > 11
Electric property non- ionicity


200kgs/plastic drum or 1000kgs/plastic drum or 22tons/flexibag.


The storage temperature is 5-35℃.

Store in dry and cool, ventilated area, prevent from freezing and direct sunshine.

Shelf life: 6 months.

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