Cationic Surface Sizing Agent

Physical& Chemical Properties

Appearance Yellow transparent liquid
Gravity(20℃ g/m3) 1.00-1.10
Solid Content(105℃,%) 30min
Ion Non-ionic surface active agent

Performance & Feature

  1. It has very strong emulsification and dispersion ability to the ink.
  2. It has low viscosity, good fluidity at low temperature ,can be directly used in no need of dilution.

Scope of Application

  1. Especially applied to the flotation deinking of culture and office papers
  2. Applied to the flotation deinking of old newspaper(a small amount of old magazines can be included).

Application Methods

  1. Dosage of deinking chemicals (by the weight of absolute dry waste papers):

To culture and office paper:FD 01: 0.1-0.3%(80%-100% of FD can be added in pulping process, and the rest added in flotation process).NaOH:2.0%-5.0%,Na2SiO3(38-40Be) :2.0%-3.0%,H2O2;appropriate amount;

To old newspaper : FD 01: 0.1-0.25%,NaOH:0.5-1.0%,Na2SiO3(38-40Be)2.0%-2.5%,H2O2;appropriate amount;

  1. Deinking process:

The deinking agent can be dispersed homogeneously in the water at first, then added waste papers in it or be directly added in th water with the waste paper together.

  1. Pulping Process:concentration12-15%,temperature 70-90℃ (neaspapers55-60℃),time is decided according to the pulping device.
  2. Flotation process:concentration0.8-1.2%,temperature 40-50℃,time 3-5min.

Packing &Storage

The product will be packing in 50kg, 200kg or 1000kg plastic tank, or be specially packed as clients’ requirements.

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