Applications and Benefits of PolyDADMAC

Polydadamc(Technically named polydiallyldimethyl ammonium chloride) 

is a cationic polymer and it can be completely dissolved in water.

•Drainage performance is improved for energy savings in sheet metal pressing, forming and drying.

•Improves the retention of functional and wet additives, including pigments, fillers, sizing agents and colorants.

•It is a completely friendly material with the environment, which is free of VOC components or surfactants.

•Neutralizes anionic trash in papermaking systems simultaneously increasing its retention aid performance.

•Performs proficiently over a wide range of pH values, with or without the use of paper manufacturers.

PolyDADMAC manufactured by LANSEN CHEM has passed the NSF certification and obtained the official authorization of NSF international.

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