decolorant polymer

CAS No.: 55295-98-2

Product Name: LSD-01 decolorant polymer

Chemical Name: Dicyandiamide condensation resin (PolyDCD)

 Product Properties:

LSD-01 decolorant polymer is a dicyandiamide based cationic copolymer with a medium molecular weight. It is active with the majority of dyes used in industrial processes, it is effective through the formation of organic complexes with the dye molecule and the subsequent removal of the complex’s solid particles by flocculation and sedimentation.


Item Standard
Appearance Colorless or light-color sticky liquid
Dry weight (%,120℃, 6h) ≥50.0
PH Value (30% water solution) 2.0∽5.0
Viscosity (mpa.s 20℃) 30∽1000


It is mainly used for color removal treatment for high-colority waste water from dyestuffs plants. It is suitable to treat waste water with activated, acidic and disperse dyestuffs.

It can also be used to treat waste water from textile industry and dye houses, pigment industry, printing ink industry and paper industry.

 Application method and notes:

  1. The product shall be diluted with 10-40 times water, then added to the wastewater directly. After stirring for several minutes, the clear water will be got by precipitation or air-floatation.
  2. The optimized pH of the wastewater accepted is 6-10.
  3. It is recommended to use this product with the inorganic flocculants to treat the effluent with high color and COD to reduce the operation cost. The order and proportion of agent dosage depend on the flocculation test and the effluent treatment process.4. The product is nonflammable and unexplosive.
  4. The product would show layer separation and become white at low temperature. There is no negative impact on the usage after mixing up.

 Packing and storage:

Store in room, recommended temperature 5-30℃.

The product is packed in 250kg/drum, or 1250kg/IBC.

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