Paint Detackifier K1


Product Name: Paint Mist Flocculant A&B agent


AppearanceClear liquid with light blue
Main ComponentsCationic Polymer
PH value0.5~2.0
Density g/cm31-1.1
SolubilityCompletely soluble in water

Concentration and viscosity of solution can be customized according to customers' needs.


Used for paint waste water treatment.

Application Method

1. To make a better performance, please replace the water in recirculation system. Adjust the water PH value to 8-10. Make sure the water recirculation system PH value keeps 7-8 after adding coagulant of paint fog.
2. Add agent A at the pump of spray booth before spray job. After the one day work of spray job, add Agent B at salvage place, then salvage the paint residue suspension out of water.
3. The adding volume of Agent A & Agent B keeps 1:1. The paint residue in water recirculation reach 20-25 KG, the volume of A & B should be 2-3KGs each.( it is estimated data, need to be adjusted according to special circumstances)
4. When added to the water recirculation system, it could be handled by manual operation or by measuring pump. ( the adding volume should be 10~15% to excessive spray paint)

Coagulant for paint fog is composed of agent A & B.
Agent A is one kind of special treatment chemical for removing the viscosity of paint. The main composition of A is organic polymer. When added into water recirculation system of spray booth, it can remove the viscosity of remaining paint, remove the heavy metal in water, keep the biological activity of recirculation water, remove COD, and reduce the cost of waste water treatment.
Agent B is one kind of super polymer, it is used to flocculating the residue, make the residue in suspension for easily treat

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