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Advantages of polyaluminium chloride

发布时间: 2020-04-08

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Advantages of polyaluminium chloride

Advantages of polyaluminium chloride

Polyaluminium chloride is a kind of flocculant widely used in wastewater treatment. It is mainly used as flocculant and precipitant in water treatment process. It is characterized by low price, fast flocculation and sedimentation speed, wide range of pH value, obvious water purification effect and powerful function.


The specific performance features are as follows:


a. The water quality after using PAC is better than that of aluminum sulfate coagulant, and the cost of water purification is 15-30% lower.


b. The flocculent has the advantages of fast formation and settling speed, and is more powerful than traditional products such as aluminum sulfate.


c. The ph5.0-9.0 range of the adapted source water can be condensed.


d. The corrosion is small and the operation condition is good.


e. Solubility is better than aluminum sulfate.

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