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Application and reference dosage of wet strength agent

发布时间: 2020-06-19

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Application and reference dosage of wet strength agent

Wet strength agent is a water-soluble cationic thermo-setting resin. It is suitable to make paper under neutral and slightly alkaline as well as acidic condition. Nowadays, it has been widely used in making dry and cleaning paper (banquet napkin, wet napkin, facial tissue, mirror cleaning paper, facial tissue; outdoor paper (craft paper, wrapping paper, poster paper, project paper, map paper, bag paper, seeding paper, fruit paper), packing material (paper cup, meat and fruit wrapping paper, tea paper);paper in wet material (copy printing paper, photo base paper, one –off paper for hospital, napkin for baby) and other special used paper(tobacco paper, banknote paper, invoice paper, archival paper).


According to different paper types, the amount of wet strength agent is different. The general reference dosage is: food wrapping paper 1.5% ~ 2.5%, container paper and filter paper 3% ~ 5%, coated paper 1.5% ~ 2%, photo paper base paper 3% ~ 5%, wallpaper 2% ~3%, seedling bag paper and tea bag paper 3%~5%, fruit bagging paper 3.5%~5%, NCR paper 1.5%~2.5%, refrigerated packaging paper 2%~3% , cement bag paper 1.5% ~ 2%, paper towels 3.5% ~ 5%, napkins 0.7% ~ 0.8%, toilet paper 0.5% ~ l. 0%, paper tray packaging 0.6% ~ l. 5%. The amount of use should be determined according to the paper type and paper strength requirements.


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