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How to improve the quality of paper quality

发布时间: 2020-07-25

来源: en.lansenchem.com.cn

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How to improve the quality of paper quality

1. Using various dry strength agents to improve the hydrogen bonding strength between fibers ,in order to improve the bonding strength of paper

2. Using organic polyelectrolytes as retention and drainage aids to improve the bonding strength between fibers.

3. Increasing fiber ratio

4. Reducing the filler ratio

5. Papermaking at is made at alkaline pH, increasing wet press by sizing / coating.

6. Improving the beating degree

7. Increasing filler retention to improve the smoothness of the paper and reduce breathability of the paper

8. Improving retention and drainage system. It can not only improve the retention and drainability of paper, adapt to the development trend of high-speed paper machine, and also reduce the negative effects on paper evenness and other physical properties.

 Inky Fang