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Performance of Lansen water decoloring agent LSD-01

发布时间: 2020-08-06

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Performance of Lansen water decoloring agent LSD-01

1. Our water decoloring agent specialized in the treatment of all kinds of colored wastewater, is a cationic polymer compound with decoloration, flocculation, COD removal and other functions, especially suitable for textile wastewater treatment .


2. The decolor effect is very good. Generally, it can achieve excellent decolorization effect with very little dosage. The wastewater is colorless and transparent after use it , and does not return to yellow.



It has been proved by a lot of practice that this product can decolor and reduce COD when applied to industrial wastewater treatment, especially for high concentration and high chroma textile wastewater.


At the same time, it has obvious advantages in reducing sludge, removing suspended solids and COD.


It can ensure that all pollution indicators meet the national emission standards!

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