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Application range of water decoloring agent LSD-01

发布时间: 2020-11-03

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Application range of water decoloring agent LSD-01

1.This product is mainly used in textile printing and dyeing, paper making, pigment, municipal wastewater, chemical wastewater, ink wastewater and other color wastewater treatment,  reducing the color of sewage.


2.This product can be mainly used in reclaimed water reuse, pretreatment of colored wastewater, oilfield drilling and other water treatment fields.


3.It can also be used as reinforcing agent, sizing agent and fixing agent for papermaking.


4.This product is based on the principle of flocculation and decolorization, without residual metal ions. The water pollution problem can be solved once through mud water separation, without secondary pollution. The dosing process is simple and has strong adaptability.

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